Don't fight with your boyfriend on crowded highways...

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This message brought to you as a public service announcement from Oasis:

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Well the video looks a bit fake for some reason to me, but my reactions are:
a) Embarrassing for would-be gay BFs!
b) They're both reeeeeeally stupid!
c) They had their fight for a little while and stroll across the freeway together?!
d) How did they not even slow down when that car at about 19 seconds zoomed by?!
e) Where is their car, or were they walking along the freeway?!

You're Amazing.

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haha. i was totally

haha. i was totally wondering where their car was too.

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More answers here...

Not sure how this would be embarrassing to gay BFs. I mean, if they were straight, it wouldn't reflect on heterosexuality.


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