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This post is likily to be all angsty and whingy, because it has just been one of those days.I am really just writing it to vent my angst somewhere.It usually helps,and I usually feel somewhat better so here goes.
Well this morning I got really upset and started crying and I'm not exactly sure why.I was supposed to go to the doctor to pick up the results of some tests I had done.Then it turned out that he couldn't see me today,so I went to my room to get ready for college and I just started crying.I don't know why,I just felt really upset and couldn't stop.I was on a complete downer all day.I went to college but I really wasn't with it at all.I just couldn't concentrate.Then I had to go to work for a while,and I was completely spaced out.Some of my co-workers even had to ask if I was ok because they thought I seemed really out of it.Which I really was.But I honestly don't know why.I think I am looseing the plot.I hope I feel more normal when I wake up in the morning.


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turn that frown upside down, babe...

here is a hug and a kiss:
sincerely hoping that things get better for you very soon : )

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hi. it may not be my place,


it may not be my place, but.. i always find a liberal dose of chocolate and lifetime movies can cure all bad days.

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Aww.... I hope you feel

Aww.... I hope you feel better in the morning! Those days are confusing and being confused on top of sad is just sadly confusing.

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Over across the ocean here in Canada, I felt pretty similar to you on Tuesday, but I'm feeling better now. Hopefully you do too :)