goodbye civillian world, hello hypocrisy, i'm sorry guys...

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I have entered the military, and we were told to forget our sense of democracy once we enter our barracks. I thought it wouldn't be that hard, but fucking hell it is!! Well, I cant back out anymore, because once you've entered there's no way out.

Guys, I'm sorry if I have to forget myself for a while, my bisexuality, because they extremely abhor homosexuals and bisexuals there. I am hurt of course, but I didn't know that they are that brutal. I have to forget what I am for a year, and I hope I'll carry on and live a life of hypocrisy.

Bye bye girls who look like pretty boys, bye bye boys who look like pretty girls.

Bye bye democracy; I am protecting you but it is you who I can't have.

Bye bye personal life, because I am being watched 24/7 by the military nearby. I cannot act like a guy; I have to act prim and proper which isnt me at all..

Bye bye short and messy hair, since I usually do not comb my hair before tying it up. I was reprimanded by our corps commander because my hair is short and it is 'unkempt'.

Though I will visit this site occasionally and drop a comment or two; I will surely miss all of you...Dont worry, all will be over in a year. I hope time flies so fast....


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Not sure what country you're in, but if they don't accept gay soldiers... and you don't want to be there... seems like you have your ticket out.


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