I am such a dweebus....

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I just ranted on someone else's journal. Yeah, talk of homophobia gets me a bit riled... whoops. :/

But on the other hand, I was a bit depressed yesterday and was at Best Buy with my sisters and decided I wanted to buy a laptop on impulse. Of course, I didn't have the money to do so, and with no credit, I couldn't make increment-payments, so that was a bust. So, I decided on an iPod. Rediculously exspensive things, though, so I found a Insignia mp3 for $87.99 instead. (90-something with tax and even more with the wall charger...of course, since I also had to buy "Sweet home Alabama" for my sister, the total was about $148 or so.)

The moral: If you're going through a divorce, buy a house, failing that, buy some crack (inside joke). If you're depressed, buy a laptop, failing that, an iPod, failing THAT, (GET A JOB, BUM!!) buy the next best thing.

Unless of course you have the money for a stripper off-the-bat, then just head to the club. Advance to Go. Collect $200. >:D