I dreamt of something that was totally off the wall!!! I swear!!

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Right after school the other day, I got exhausted, lied down on my bed and dozed off. I dreamt of Kyan (the grooming gay from queer eye) and we were friends in my dream, and we were left alone in a room. In my dream, I think I was a kidult, maybe a young man between 19 and 21.

Then the next thing I knew was I was on top of him french kissing him and having sex with him and doing oral sex and all that stuff. We kept on kissing and having sex until I realized it was not Kyan anymore, but I was having sex with my mom!!!(I know it's fucking absurd man), and we were having sex on my parents' bed, and after the deed, she made the bed and wiped the semen out of the pillow! what the hell?!!!?!?!?! okay, i know it's visual, but i need to let it out.

okayyy...i feel a lot better. :D


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Sure beats the crap out of my falling dreams...

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That would...push me over the edge....

Didn't Freud say that every male subconsciously wants to sleep with his mother? Maybe it's the same way for lesbians... *Shrugs*, just a guess; the only psychiatry I know's come from Frasier.

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Dreams.are


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I guess the upside is that you pulled out your mom before you came... so you got that going for you, at least.


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if you had impregnated your mom, the baby would be your son AND your brother. WORD. :-S

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Oedipus screams

Oedipus screams Freud! Sophocles has no comment, he's busy slapping his boy toy about with his Grecian urn.

Wicked dream. o_O

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Yikes. Though I do think my

Yikes. Though I do think my dream about my spanish teacher "demonstrating"... things on one of my friends was pretty awkward
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you