I have been outdyked

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So. Today is Thanksgiving. The day my mom and step-dad's families come over at two, and we eat dinner at four. My mom has three brothers and two sisters, but only one brother and his family came. His wife's sister joined us for the first time in a while, along with her wife, who is probably the dykeist dyke in the world. They've started a band. She has short hair, and wears baggy, dark clothing. She is so masculine. I was surprised. I hadn't seen her in a very long time, and I've been feeling so masculine lately (probably because of my veeery feminine friends), so it was nice to know that there were women out there who....well.... Also, my step-dad has a lesbian sister, so she and her wife and son came over. And then there was my step-dad's other sister: a private school history teacher with the special talent of making pies. So, I was feeling pretty awkward surrounded by so many lesbians.

Liana slept over at my dad's house last night. We have this tradition of her coming over to my dad's house the day before Thanksgiving. I don't really know why. We watched Buffy while sitting in our brand-new hot tub. Also, my radical left wing grandfather was there with his big, fluffy dog, Max. Liana doesn't like dogs. When we went to bed, Liana was pretty much lying on top of me the entire time. It was... awkward at times.... But she was trying to make me uncomfortable.

My drum teacher didn't bring ONE adapter, so we couldn't record my song. I was mad, but then I got to solo in a blues E.... That was fun......


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I just have to say. That is

I just have to say. That is an awesome title.

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Thanks :D
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you

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I feel the same way, I

I feel the same way, I haven't really be involved in the lgbt community for very long, so sometimes when the more diverse ones are in the drop in center I feel a wee bit overwhelmed. But if it's just one I'm fine. But if it is I and my boyfriend I feel fine when I'm with him I don't even think of it as gay/homosexual/whatever.

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It sounds like you have such a dynamic, interesting family. I do to - we're all artsy, in other words we're all fucked up and weird, but there's no lesbians. That I know of....hmmm...with all these artsy types they must be hiding somewhere. Come out, come out wherever you are...

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older, more confident in

older, more confident in their sexuality people scare me too.

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I think you can only be outdyked at the gay games.


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xD love the title... I love

xD love the title... I love hanging out with other glbt, even if I feel a bit outclassed at times. It's still fun. I'm in my aunt and her girlfriend's house...
they're pretty awesome ^^

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