I need to empty my brain.....

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I want to be clear headed! But I never am. Clutter, clutter and my thoughts are lost, or jumbled at best. Maybe there are too many, I don't know......
I stay up all night and then sleep until I have to work, so I barely see people....I'm LONELY! But ever since I was a little kid I always had trouble sleeping at night. I feel more like myself at night though....its like as soon as its dark I just click into a more comfortable zone. Daytime I feel like a zombie, no matter how much sleep I get, for how many nights in a row. But all of this causes the huge problem of being completely opposite the rest of the world... Maybe thats the point of it. Possibly trying to avoid people? Just servere social anxiety...or a lack of dealing with it, by avoiding it.

I find life hard. I keep thinking that maybe I just can't deal with "real life". Whenever I complain about anything to anyone, the only thing they have to say is "well that's life".... So the only conclusion that I can come up with from that is that I am not sure if I can deal with life... I feel more lost now than I ever did in high school. I have no direction, no hobbies, no interests. Escapism... it's about the only thing I have been doing lately. Work and trying to escape from reality; my life. I feel lost and alone

Clutter, clutter


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That's life?

Well, that's life for everyone.

And, I think, everybody hears "that's life" from everybody else; because nobody really knows what each other are going through, or feeling.

Talking about the clutter in your head, though, I think that it generally helps clean it out.

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I know what you mean about staying up all night and then sleeping during the day.I do that too and no matter how much I try to get into a regular sleeping routine I can't.I put it down to the fact that I was born at night.
I'm really sorry that you are feeling so down and lonely right now.I think people tend to just shrug things off as "thats life" when they don't really understand what you are telling them.As cliche as this is going to sound,things actually will get better.When I first finished off school I felt like I was in this terrible lonely place because I didn't know where I was going or what I wanted to do.But eventually things did get better.Not suddenly it was kind of a gradual thing.Maybe if you start off by making some small changes in your life you will get things moving along so you don't feel so alone.Maybe find something you are interested in taking up as a hobby.I know its awkward if you feel shy but if you push yourself to just do it,it will help you in future when you are feeling anxious in some social situation.
Anyways sorry this comment is so long.I hope it helps a little and you feel better soon=]

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im kinda like that, except i

im kinda like that, except i escape through reading and writing books and i think almost all people are night owls. at least everyone i no this, thats life. no thats what u say when ur out of words.