I'm fun sometimes I swear

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I just want to say thanks to the Oasis peeps that commented on my last journal entry.I was kind of having a bad day and being gay was seeming a big part of that.So thanks guys for the advice it did help.

I should really be studying now,but I can't really concentrate.I kind of feel like I need to make a journal.To do some venting as usual!I have to go to a house party tomorrow,and I really don't want to.But alas,I agreed to go and now I can't back out of it =( A girl I work with is throwing a belated halloween party.I tend to avoid work functions.Infact I've avoided nearly all nights out since I started working there a year ago.Its not that I don't like or get a long with my workmates,I think it is more that I am not really into the nights out that they like.Mostly they go to a local club where all the girls dress really sluty and the music is really loud thump thump dance crap,and its just not my thing.I am socialable enough to go to the cinema or get some food if people are going,so they know it is not a case of me being too stuck up to socialize,and I am really quiet anyways so they usually just presume i'm too shy to go anyway.
But anyways back to tomorrow night,I really just am not in the mood of a party.I haven't really been lately at all.It may sound weird but I do like being on my own sometimes and I just feel like that at the moment.It feels like a chore to be around people socializing.I just want some time to myself to sort myself out in my own head.But there is not much I can do right now.Unless something major happens I have to be there.
Wish me luck at looking cheerful and being polite and blah blah blah
PS If you have read this far I'm sorry my journals are always so mundane and kind of whingy.I'm fun sometimes I swear.


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i know what you mean

Oftentimes. I feel the same way. Like tonight I have a work event too, but I'm not going. Don't get me wrong, I love people and I love to socialize and have fun, but like you I need my alone time, time to get back into my own head.