I'm in love! Erm... again!

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I broke up with my last boyfriend right before coming to college. Mainly because he couldn't deal with me not wanting to sleep with him. I guess I'm just not ready for that type of thing right now. I mean, hell, I had only been with him for a month before he wanted to have sex with me. Ahh. Well, love comes, love goes. That said...

I've been hanging out with a guy named Dan for about two months. He's a really nice, cute bi guy. Very intelligent, rather philosophical (which is awesome) and we're interested in a lot of the same things. We clash on some interests, such as his obsession with anime and my obsession with My Chemical Romance, but what's life without a bit of disagreement?

As I said, I really like him and I'm almost positive that he likes me too. Last night we were watching movies on my computer, sitting on my bed and I laid down and he sort of cuddled up next to me. We watched a few movies like this, until about 7 o'clock in the morning. He seems to understand me more than anybody else. We have very intimate conversations that people who are "just friends" don't usually seem to have. Ahh, I don't know.

I'd like to say that I'm in love but I think it might be too early for that. Hell, we haven't even kissed or held hands. It all sounds so elementary, or at the very least Beatles-esque ( When I say that something, 'I wanna hold your hand' ). I'm 19 and he's 20. He's perfect. His personality complements mine perfectly, I think. I just find it so hard to "make a move".

I'm so inexperienced at this whole relationship thing. I was once told that those who take risks gain more out of life. How can I let him know how I feel? I'm afraid that I might ruin a good, intimate relationship by confessing that I want nothing more than to kiss him, hold him...


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well no one should ever try

well no one should ever try and pressure you into somthing espually somthing as big as sex and if you are asked whoever your with your with should always,ALWAYS, respect you when you say no, and if they dont then there not worth your time.
As for your new guy thats great and hopfully hes alot more respectful of you. Nancy Garden (amazing author, im a book phyco but its going to be my profession so i have to be!) said in one of her books that "Be truthful to yourselves as well as each other and make sure to take it slow." or somthing to that degree. i think you should just take it as it goes and when you think its right then you can tell him your "madly and hopfully,head of sneekers in love with him" LOL
Sides almost everyone is inexperienced,if they arnt they must be HUGE sluts.
i mean hay ive been with like two guys in my life (and it wasnt even dating cuz we didnt even hug) and found out i was gay in 8th but i ever even dated the girl, so i have no expirence with either really.
Life is life u no we can only pray that will know what to do in the long run, instinks LOL