"is she a lesbian?"

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There are a lot of gay girls at my school. I've neer noticed it til this year, but taking a look around: wow. I'll be sitting in the quad, and taking a look around, there's plenty.

Anyway, did I ever tell the story about the girl in 6th period art class who has a mental illness and is uber-religious? I feel like I haven't. Well, we'll call her Gwen. She has trouble learning and is socially inept. Since I don't have a 6th period I usually go in to the art room and chill in there with a couple of my friends [one who's in the class, one who's the TA]. The TA has to tutor Gwen, since she just doesn't get it. One day, referring to me, she asks TA "why does that girl have short hair?" "I don't know." "Is she a lesbian? Cause lesbians usually have short hair." The girl across from her [who is a cutie pie, and who I think is gay herself] goes "just because she has short hair she has to be a lesbian?" "Well, no, but most of them do. Lesbians are bad...etc etc" she goes on about her religion quite often.

I know she can't help it, but it is ignorant. It's really probably her parents fault for brainwashing her. And with a brain that can't think for itself. When she's gone, that table [3 kids: cute little girl, friend A, and a dude] and I talk about some of the silly stuff she says. They really hate her talking to them. Anyway. This must sound mean, but really, you should see this girl.

I love The Office.

I suppose I have some things to talk about otherwise. I hate to leave it on that note that makes it sound like I'm making fun of the disabled, but I don't really feel like going in to much more right now.


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Lesbians are bad!!!! Gay men

Lesbians are bad!!!! Gay men are bad!!!! we're an evil bunch, guys, we're evil. I just love it when people stars commenting stuff like that in classes, and everyone kinda wants to laugh but restrains, it's so much fun.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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it seems to be: autism +

it seems to be:

autism + overly-religious parents = her.

so, be gentle, it's not like she can help it...

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!