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That was. Subtle.

I'm not sure how they can convince people with that, though. They didn't actually take any risks where creativity is concerned.

Isn't it an advertising principle? Eighty percent of your ads go to people with the intention of sustaining the idea of product superiority; the twenty left over for new consumers.

And it's not like, *eye roll*, their consumers require any intellectual effort for convincing....


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I think it´s a pathetic attempt... I don´t think they can convince THINKING people with that (unfortunately there is a lot of NON-THINKING people) anyway kids are more fluent and enlightened when it comes to sexuallity, so I don´t think this will get them. People that is against gay marriage is already against it (although if I were against it and heard this I would be embarased and change my mind), and there is a lot of people who supports it and will laugh at this pathetic attempt to try and change their minds.

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Until I realized it was a link, I thought you kept your Ben Gay next to your lube...

I didn't really listen to much of it, though. Kinda pointless. I don't think a lot of black people go to racist websites to see what they're up to lately... same deal.


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Just wanted to say that your

Just wanted to say that your pictue is awesome. I love that book.

Are you a Dante or a Dorian?