Lest We Forget

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The phrase is one we use in reference to remembering our war dead here in Canada and since tomorrow is November 11, the anniversary of the ending of World War One; the war optimistically referred to as 'the war to end all wars' I shall commence my annual discussion of why this date means so much.

In the U.S. this date is known as 'Veterans' Day'. Here we call it 'Remembrance Day' and at the 11th hour we stop whatever we are doing and observe a minutes' silence to remember those who fell in armed conflict. Everything stops - transit, on-air broadcasts - stores announce it on their P.A. systems and most people will say a silent prayer.

In the days leading up to this day you will see veterans, reservists and legion members selling small plastic flowers which are stylised poppies we wear on our lapels. The poppies symbolise sacrifice and are a reference to Lt. John MacRae's poem 'In Flanders Fields'.

Nowadays Canadian troops are still fighting, in a war which may well turn out to be Canada's Viet Nam. For now let us remember those who gave their lives for the freedom of others they would never meet.

I stole the above from http://forums.delphiforums.com/constantreader/messages/?msg=1133.1
because it was very well written and has everything i was going to say but better said.
I don't necessarily approve of war. I don't know what my feelings on it are really but so many people have died to get me the rights i have today. So on this day i'll wear my poppy proudly and bow my head at 11:11 11/11 and just remember.

On friday my school band went to the City Cenotaph where a rememberance day service was held. They are also holding one today but the one friday was the major one. Apparently a couple years ago someone decided that all the local schools should be involved in the ceremony so since then they've made it a point to have the service on a school day. Every school in the area is represented there and it's pretty cool. My highschool is always the band at the ceremony. It gets freezing cold and is very hard to play an instrument but the vets went through soo much worse so try not to complain and be the spoiled kids we are.

Everyone should take some time either today (Rememberance day- Canada) or tomorrow (Veterans Day -US) and just remember or say a prayer.


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In Flanders Fields

"In Flanders fields the poppies grow, between the crosses row on row. That mark our place, and in the sky, the larks still bravely singing fly.
We are the dead, short days ago, we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow. Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders Fields."

^^ i seem to have memorized that... i'm pretty sure i read it at the Rememberance Day ceremony in skewl several years ago. It's a nice poem, and there was also a musical version of it which our choir sang in the assembly. We should all pay homage to the brave soldiers who fought get our country the freedoms we enjoy today... and also think about all the men, women, and children who have died in wars and violence all over the world, throughout history. What can we each do today, to do our part to make the world a more peaceful place?