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I've decided to look for my first boyfriend and starting tomorrow I'll start taking steps toward making it happen. First on the list is changing the way I look, or more specifically things about myself that may give off the wrong image. For example, I only have my left ear pierced which, I'm under the impression, means I'm straight. So tomorrow I think I'm going to get my right ear pierced. As far as fashion goes, well I don't know a thing about fashion. I've been doing the punk thing so long and haven't really changed it up. I don't really know what vibe that sends off but I hope it's not the wrong one. If anyone has any suggestions on this I'm open for ideas. I mean what shouts "Hey I'm a single gay punk guy" other than a shirt with that direct quote?

Another thing I've decided to change is where I go socially. I've decided to join the SAGE club (Straights and Gays for Equality) at my college and try to spend more time out in hopes of meeting someone. The thing is I don't know if there are any "gay clubs" or "gay bars" near where I live and even if there were I'm not old enough to drink and can't dance (though I'm working on that one). Where can I meet a gay guy outside of places that have gay in their title?

Finally I've decided to start going to the YMCA and put that membership my family got to good use. I don't necessarily have the perfect body. I'm overly skinny and this isn't really attractive unless some of me is muscle.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about any of this? I appreciate any help I can get.


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I understand where you are

I understand where you are coming from, wanting to change your look to send out the "gay vibe". Just make sure that you don't compromise who you are. Besides, I'm pretty sure joining the Straight and Gays for Equality club will send out that oh-so-desired "gay vibe". Oh! Good luck meeting someone (preferably someone cute, wink-wink-nudge-nudge).

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well, what about,arnt there,isnt there(can u tell im struggling here? im pretty sure my advise will suck but its worth a shot)bars where you can go that dont only serve alcohol?like um...bars that arnt only for...drinking cuz if they have a dance floor and serve somthing other then alcohol thats ok wright as long as your 18. mind you ive never been to a bar so i really dont no what im talking about.
and i think its like if you have your...left ear periced its a gay trade mark(cant find the word im looking for but hopfully you get what i mean) but then again i could be wrong i no there is A ear but what side im not sure.
changing your look could be good,maybe more fashionably sophisticated, as for getting out idk but as long as your out you cant go wrong.
sides if your in that group cant you talk to someone or even find someone there?

hope i helped.