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[The guy still hasn't called. This is a very emo Thanksgiving. =( ]

“beethoven was deaf, you know,”
he told me as he sat
in front of his grand piano,
head down and focused
on his dancing fingers.
his mouth parted
just a little with each note,
as if kissing every one,
in love with his music
and nothing else.

i sat to the side,
watching his body sway,
his face appear and disappear
behind the piano’s
propped up cover.
(i could see each hammer fall,
each string quiver,
and their secret movements
were not as beautiful
as the sound on the surface.
i wondered how
such ugly strings,
such ruthless hammers
could produce
such lovely music.)

when he finished,
he closed his eyes
and let his hands linger.
i stood up slowly
and placed my hand on his,
and i told him,
“i do not know
how steel and felt and wood
can breathe life into a song,
and i do now know
how skin and flesh and bone
can breathe beauty into you,
can breathe love into me;
all i know
is that these melodies we play
are too beautiful not to perform.”
he kept his eyes on his keys,
and when i finished my song,
there was no applause,
there was no curtain call.
he gave me a standing ovation,
and then a walking ovation,
and he didn’t stop till he got home.

beethoven was not the only one.


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did you write that poem?

did you write that poem? it's absolutely beautiful.

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Wow. Amazing is not enough

Wow. Amazing is not enough to describe this one, I just love it, I really do. Bravo, bravo.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Oh my god... That's amazing.

Oh my god... That's amazing. I agree with 5thstory. that's not enough....... Wow...
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you

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it's very beautiful

how you talk about the need to play beautiful melodies even if they're unappreciated and nobody can hear them. It's a really powerful life message.

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wow, thats really good, more like a story then a poem interesting and catching