Mika, Live in Cartoon Motion: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Live in Cartoon Motion is a perfect document of Mika's quick rise to fame. In a world of YouTube celebrities, gossip playing a bigger role than talent, and further examples of ADD culture, Mika actually made his name with infectious tunes, a fun live show, and of course, playing the "is he or isn't he?" game with the gay press. (I think the prancing around onstage and sheer bombast of his songs answers the question.)

The DVD features a live concert taped in Paris, an hour-long documentary as Mika travels through Europe, all of the music videos off his first album, and three songs performed acoustic. Seeing that he only has one album to his credit, the Paris show is pretty similar to the show I saw in San Francisco, building up to "Grace Kelly" and closing with the naughty-sounding bubblegum pop of "Lollipop." The concert is almost as much fun on DVD as it was in person. He really throws himself into the songs and projects such amazing, fun energy onstage.

Seeing as Mika was sick and having throat problems while they were filming the documentary, presumably for the Paris show, and when I saw him in San Francisco, it really makes me wonder how good his concert would be if he were feeling well. If this is him on a bad day, it certainly makes you wonder.

The documentary isn't very hard-hitting, of course. Mainly just some interview segments (often about him being tired, people asking him the same questions about the music, but every so often, some interesting stuff finds its way out), lots of concert clips, and European footage while listening to more Mika music.

I've never been a huge fan of music videos, and certainly not owning music videos of artists I like, but Mika definitely has a clear sense of how he wants to be presented and his clips seem very unified visually for a debut artist.

Hopefully this DVD will mark the beginning of what I hope to be a long and fun musical career. As Mika is *still* touring through December, it would also be nice if we could get him back in the studio to make us some new music. Anyone who didn't get to see him live yet, they can just buy this DVD now.