My latest obsession/Random rants

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My longtime crush and obsession, Sabrina, came to GSA today. She let me read a story she wrote about a girl coming out to her mom. I asked her if it was based in a real-life experience, and she said no, because her mom doesn't know and would nearly die if she did. After the GSA meeting (actually more of a congregation of cool people and not really meeting), I walked with Sabrina to her math class. We talked the entire way and then she hugged me and told me I was cool. After chem, I ran into her again on my way to math. She walked with me and since I got there early, came into the classroom with me. Today was the first time she's come to GSA this year, so I was really surprised to see her there. She left a comment on my facebook wall that read, "YAY FOR THE GAY TEENS IN AMERICA HETEROS AREGROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, I had to watch my step-sister in the beauty and thew beast. She was a dancing napkin. throughout it all, I kept thinking that I wanted to be at school. A strange, foreign thought to me, but it made sense at the time. School is the place where I can talk to other people, and they kind of sort of understand me. And I can make a fool out of myself because everyone is acting strange a well. Must be the apple seeds in the air..... Sorry.

Liana hurt her leg...I don't really know how, but she was walking with a crutch. I got to be her 2nd crutch during lunch when we went to GSA and found out it moved to a room on the opposite side of the school. When we was Sabrina, Liana tried to kick me, but nearly fell over.

Oh, and my English teacher said that my writing was like a ping-pong ball, bouncing around al over the place, like my mind..... Yeah. Well, I write what I'm thinking, and my thoughts are rarely coherent and organized, so......

Oh, and I've come to a conclusion about, well, life:
Gay people are just cooler....


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Mm, so that was

Mm, so that was Sabrina...Sorry, but I think I share Liana's opinion of her...

I was in 'Beauty and the Beast' when I still did ballet (I stopped after kindergarten) and I was a dancing spoon. I might even still have the costume, because my mom kept all the ones I had.

All they can tell you is what they have seen and heard, in their time in this world, a third of it spent in sleep and dreaming, another third of it spent in telling lies. - Ursala K. Le Guin

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Hmmm. Poo you about Sabrina.

Hmmm. Poo you about Sabrina. Okay, I don't really mind. But I'm obsessed. I used to do ballet too, but I was 4..... It was hell, but we got animal cookies afterwards.