My Obesession (again)

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My obsession for Sabrina has actually calmed down somewhat. Liana's convinced me that she's a total bitch. She really is. She hates all freshmen, except for me, and is a total heterophobe. Which is amazingly hypocritical, since she's bi and gone out with waaaaaay too many guys. I've stopped blindly accepting everything she says and I've pretty much stopped looking for her all the time (when I know she's on campus). I would go out with her instantly if she asked (too many daydreams slighted if I didn't), but she probably won't and I won't pursue her. This is subject to change, as just yesterday I was head-over-heels about her. And I've started to think that both my sexuality and gender are fluid. They change a lot. I go through periods of being very feminine and liking girls and guys, neither gender and liking both, feminine and liking only girls and neither gender and liking only girls. My confusion is like a wave: it swells and subsides with each realization of new gender identity and sexuality.


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I do that alot too. Only Im

I do that alot too. Only Im starting to think that its either linked to the moon or my period. I go from weeping damsel in distress to fire breathing dragon in .8seconds. Its great for camping trips with marshmellows. XD
sorry.... im like serially corny.

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Uh...yay? Wow, that sounded


Wow, that sounded pathetic. I'm sorry, I met Sabrina once, but I developed quite an opinion of her. It's probably easier to get over an obsession when the person's a bitch rather than when they're nice, but I wouldn't know. >>

...Okay, this whole post sounds awful. Please, please ignore it. >.<

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I'm not exactly over her....

I'm not exactly over her.... But I'm not obsessed anymore. Yeah, she's a bitch.....