Naked Boys Singing: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Naked Boys Singing is coming out on DVD just in time for the holidays, so if you weren't aware you still have time to adjust your gift lists. Alternatively, it makes for a good item to put on your own list if you want that extra shove to make your Mom ask you directly.

Now, I just reviewed this movie back in September, so little has changed since that time. The bulk of the review is there.

However, the DVD also includes a documentary on the making of the movie that plays almost as long as the movie itself. It was actually an interesting watch, just to see the insanity they put themselves through to make it. You learn that the movie was shot in less than four days, that some cast members didn't know they planned to film in front of a live audience, and also cast members freaking out about doing the nudity (which you'd never suspect from seeing the finished product).

It was sort of inspiring to see so many people put so much hard work into making something like Naked Boys Singing into as good a movie as it could be.

Although, I should warn you in advance, the boys in the documentary are not naked and when they are their bits are blocked out... so the documentary doesn't get you a second fleshy feature of "Naked Boys Rehearsing."