Non-vegan cookies, apple-sage marinade, and homework

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I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show last night with Liana, her dad, and a friend from middle school.... It was really fun. I was de-virginized..... Today I've been cooking. My sister and I made apple-sage marinade from this awesome cookbook. We made the necessary apple juice from apples our next-door-neighbor gave us from his tree. My sister also made ginger-snap cookies, that, even though I'm supposedly vegan, I've been snacking on all say. And I tried making a vegan quesadilla with this weird vegan cheese and tofu, but it didn't turn out very well. I've started my homework... Kind of...... I hate having to do work at home. It really sucks. Though I would probably just be eating more cookies if I didn't have to work. I'm a glutton........ Oh, and I've been bitching about having to learn the Soprano 2 part for 2 songs..... I don't really know if I can learn and perfect them by our choir renaissance concert. I feel like shit again.


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Vegan cheese is a dead-end. It all sucks.

Vegan cookies, though, easy. Check out

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Nice, thanks. Yeah, the

Nice, thanks. Yeah, the cheese wasn't so good...... ~Shakes head in disgust ~