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Wow. I went to a party tonight with my dad and step-mom. Um. Liana was there, as was Maia, who I don't get to see that often. When I walked in through the door, I was shocked at the decor. The once nice, if not overly glamorous, lesbian abode had been transformed into a sort of middle easter tent. There were carpets and pillows and drums. There was weird Israeli music. Even though our friend Reade (daughter of the two lesbians who own the place) wasn't there, we hid out in her room. You know, it's kind of nice when you have a 3 girl dogpile on a tiny victorian bed. Then liana went on and on about how she wasn't perfect, and I wanted to smack her..... Because she is. And then Maia, who was anorexic, and pretty much still is, started talking about how she hated her body and thought she was fat. She's not. She's amazingly skin and bones. Mostly due to the fact that she doesn't eat any fat or protein. We spent three or so hours on Reade's bed, just talking and cuddling (for lack of a better word). My friends told me that I was very butch, which I'm not sure was a compliment, but I took it as such :) It seems that whenever I get together with my middle school friends, we end up literally on top of each other..... Not to mention the fact that they try to make me "uncomfortable" by sticking their hands up my shirt, etc. That only makes me think, "I shouldn't be in this situation right now. These girls are OFF LIMITS!!!" Fun times, fun times.......


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interesting. Man your world

interesting. Man your world is so differnt then mine, i want to say your lucky to have a life that actually involves everyone knowing the real you, having awsome friends, and going to partys, but i dont no all of it so id be lieing. have you read Annie on my Mind (u really should) but it seems like that, im Annie and your Liza, though you probably dont no what im talking about if you havnt read it.
Ya my friend always tells me im a priss, that im really girly, when im really not that bad but shes like a complete tomboy so what do you expect.

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You make me sound like such

You make me sound like such a textbook case. I still <3 you though. See you later tonight at Liana's thingy....

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Way to go with girl pile-up on Victorian bed, tell ms. anorexic that fat+protein = essential to every mammal. And if a girl sticks her hand up your shirt, that sounds like a sign of something more than a warning to stay away!

You're Amazing.