oh. no. oh. no. what. the. fuck.

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what the hell's happening to me? i kissed my friend, i unintentionally look at her breasts because i just realized that those make her sexy, and i find her sexy. but before, i just see her as a human capable of laughing and talking to me and having fun, but now all i see is her pretty face and sexy body. what the hell??


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So are you like a girl who kissed a girl???

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AUGH HORMONES!!! *runs around in circles* Ugh, I know the feeling, and it really sucks. I'm sorry. How exactly did you kiss her? Are you out to her? And does this mean that you've stopped seeing her as a friend? Because the best remedy for that is to just sit down and remember why she's your friend (either to yourself or with her). It does suck, but it tends to go back to a good friend who happens to be really hot. I dunno. At any rate, I know it sucks, hang in there! Good luck!

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