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I was in my Philosophy class earlier this week and we were assigned a book to read called "The future of human nature" by Jurgen Habermas. In the book Habermas goes into what advancements are being made in the study of human genetics and the ethical decisions that await us in the near future.

One procedure in particular caught my attention, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD for short. In this procedure a woman has an embryo removed when it is the eight cell stage so that it can be checked for possible diseases or ailments. You may be thinking "Well what does this have to do with me?" just wait and you'll see.

This test tells parents what possible disabilities a child may have in life such as down syndrome or being physically handicapped. The theory is that soon enough as our knowledge of genetics increases we'll be able to change this disabilities so that the embryo may live a "normal" existance. But this is a flood gate argument as to where we draw the line. If we can modify an embryo so it doesn't have life threatening diseases, what about ones that hinder individuals, what about slight medical problems? Thats when things start to get scary as you cross the line into positive eugenics. You could change a childs eye color, hair color, etc. Why not make your child stronger, smarter, more attractive? The possibility is there to create super humans with this science.

Now heres where I bring it home: Studies have shown that homosexual males have abnormally sized nuclei in their brain cells (at least those in the study did) hinting even more that homosexuality is a genetic trait and not necessarily a choice. If this is the case through the genetic modification on the horizon the possibility exists to change a childs sexuality before they're even born. If this is the case what parent would choose to keep their child gay? Could this actually lead to the extermination of an entire culture?

Now keep in mind these are still theoretical and haven't come to be yet (PGD exists but the rest are just theory). But with things the way they are (Hell we just cloned a monkey sucessfully a week ago) isn't it scary?

This is just something I've been throwing around and was wondering what other people thought on the matter.

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Gay brains...

Lot of work in this field (and some books, both fiction and scientific, I think) from Anton LeVay.

Of course, the irony is, the people most apt to not want a gay kid are also religious and therefore pro-life, so... they're kinda screwed. But on the upside, no coming out required. You come out before you come out.


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"You come out before you

"You come out before you come out."


that was terrible jeff. shame. ;)

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its a scary thought but it makes me laugh, could have saved me alot of trouble with telling my parents "oh dont worry son, the doctor warned us before you were born" this goes along with the whole "gay men have less testosterone or whatever it is thing. i think a lode of bs XD cause then you have parents loading there baby with testosterone and then you ust get a jacked up baby that pops out with its own set of weights.

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I will allow myself to quote

I will allow myself to quote Shakespeare, just as Aldous Huxley once quoted him:

"O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beautious mankind is!
O brave new world
That has such people in't!".

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Anyone seen the movie Gattaga?

Pretty much, it's about that future- except homosexuality wasn't brought up in the movie. It was more about the engineered vs. the non-engineered peoples, and how there became a prejudice against them.
(I actually found the movie to be painfully boring.)

I, for one, would love to have a gay child.

That, and I probably wouldn't get my child checked in the first place.
I am seriously disgusted with the way they treat birth and pregnancy in most hospitals. It's treated like a disease! That, and they take the baby away from you when it's born- across the room to rub it down and clean the gunk out of it, instead of putting it right into the arms of the mother where it belongs. Also, a lot of unnessecary IVage and medications usually happen (not counting epidurals, which I don't have a problem with- as long as the mother WANTS one). C-sections are overdiagnosed, although sometimes they ARE necessary, they often times aren't. Also! Lying on your back to give birth isn't a fantastic position, espeically for pain- the best position is squatting. I feel like, if all of that genetic stuff becomes regular, many doctors in regular hospitals will start wanting to change your baby according to their own ideas of what's right-
they'll tell you that you HAVE to correct homosexuality, just like how many doctors will tell you that you HAVE to have an epidural (even if you really don't want one), breach babies HAVE to be C-sectioned, and if they don't like waiting, they'll induce your labor for no better reason. If those doctors are given more things to needlessly change, pregnancy and childbirth will probably become even more of a fiasco.

That said, when/if I have a baby, I am going to a midwife and having a water birth. If all this genetic buisness is happening by then (which I doubt) I'll have nothing to do with it!

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scary thought

ive heard of this before... and it scares the shit out of me because obviously if its a genetic thing its natural, and if we as a species cant get over being homophobic, Gays will be nonexistant. And by our own hand. Course we can always hope we've destroyed ourselves before then lol :D.

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I dunno... when I Read stuff

I dunno... when I Read stuff like this I can't imagine it being real. I guess I might be in denial but... there's not way you could've altered me to come out differently. NO way.

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it's possible...

A few tweaks to your embryo and you could be a completely different person. They could correct your genetic "glitch" and you'd no longer find the same sex attractive.

Just to keep this on track I want to specify one point that may be misunderstood, PGD occurs a couple of days to a couple of weeks after conception and is completely the couples choice seeing as they would have to go out of their to find someone to have it done. It would theoretically give the couple the choice for corrections but that choice would be theirs and theirs alone.

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