Race You To The Bottom: DVD Review

By dykehalo

Nathan and Maggie have many things in common: they are both in their 20s, they both have boyfriends, and they both have a weird, complex love for one another.

Nathan is a writer who gets an assignment to write a travel article about Napa Valley and its romantic hot spots. He invites Maggie to go with him.

On the way, the two stop to visit Maggie's best friend and ex-boyfriend. While Maggie is inside making dinner with her friend, Nathan is outside making "friends" with her ex.

After catching up with old friends and making some new ones, the two continue on their travels. Maggie tries to reconnect and get closer to Nathan, but he seems to keep her at a distance.

As they explore Napa Valley, they see if their relationship is just one of convenience or whether their passion and sexuality is real.

Maggie, a writer currently living with her boyfriend, is played by Amber Benson, who was cast member for three years on Buffy. Her acting is superb and it definitely helps that the character Maggie is one with whom many people can relate and fall in love.

Nathan is played by Cole Williams, who is in need of some major acting lessons. I hated him and his character. I didn't believe for one moment that Nathan was a confused bisexual who actually cares about people. I felt that he was just self-centered and could care less about everyone and everything.

The movie started off really slow and throughout the movie there are many times when I felt like they should just end it, but during those quiet times when nothing was happening there was amazing scenery and a great soundtrack to go with it. For me, the highlight of this movie was definitely the scenery and soundtrack.

As a one-time watch, this movie is pretty good but definitely not worth more then a one-time rent. I also recommend it to all of you Buffy fans because of Amber Benson.



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Nice review!

Dissapointing on the male bisexual side, but sounds interesting! Yay for a Buffy cast person doing something GLBT happy! Or sad, really, but yay nonetheless!

You're Amazing.