*Scratches Butt and Blinks Away Sleep*

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What'd I miss?

'Cuz, you know, I'm really beginning to suspect that I've missed something. I've been asleep for a horrifyingly long time.

Well, not exactly asleep. But it's what it effectively equates to, not just in my Oasis activity, but also in terms of getting real things done. So instead of telling you exactly what I haven't been getting done and how so, I'll just summarize by calling it "asleep". Or "big heavy mist of sleep-deprived complacency". Whichever you prefer.

Actually, between the last journal entry and this one, a lot of things happened. It's just that I'm not sure many are important enough to matter. With two possible exceptions.

That is, two possible sentences.

For a story, I mean. Yes. That's right. I have finally climbed over the steel-enforced writer's block more-or-less perpetually lodged inside my head to produce eight words of something worthwhile.

Yes, I know I'm being a self-centered little moron, but do you have any idea how liberating this feels?!?!?

Hum, that was meant to be the end of my journal, but it didn't seem final enough. Maybe I need a signature. *Squints in concentration* Ahhhm.....(*sound of brain coil springing loose*)....

Whatever. I'm going back to sleep.