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So it's another one of my now rare updates. I'm currently S-I-C-K SICK! It sucks ass! I absolutely hate being sick right now. I have a horrible cold. It hurts to do everything even breathe!
I think part of the reason i haven't been around a lot lately is that i haven't really felt gay...
I know that may sound weird but there's nothing gay or GLBT related happening in my life. Which i kinda like because i do realize im different but it just kinda feels like i'm normal and that i'm not different.
Like it's not as if i feel the same as everyone but that i feel apart of evryone. I don't know it's hard to explain and that was a horrible explanation but i'm sick so i know you guys will understand.
Hopefully i'll update again soon.


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I know.... Gayness is weird

I know.... Gayness is weird and confusing... I hope you feel better. We miss you....