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First things first...go check this vid out on youtube:

Lol, sloths. Now that that's over with...damn, it's been months since I posted on oasis...mainly because none of the people i used to talk to on this site use it anymore. Jordin and david accepted themselves, max is never on anymore, Gboyt is in africa, Caliman got pissed at me for some reason and deleted em from his friendslist on myspace, deepspace 87 and me never talk anymore and none of the old-school oasians are ever on anymore.

So alot of shit has been going on in my life lately. For one thing I got a job in seattle and have officially moved out on my own. For two, I kinda sorta have a girlfriend (even tho im gay or bi) and I've been trying to figure it all out.

I've been working w/ some cool guys, selling bikes and renting out a nice lil room in ballard, for those that know the seattle area.
I've been going to a lot of concerts lately, mainly w/ the girl mentioned above, and I have feelings for her, but I'm not sure that if it came down to a sexual relationship that things between us would work out.

We're going to a concert the night before thanksgiving and she is spending the night at my place and it's just a room w/ only one bed. So that will be interesting. the other things that are going on right now are i am trying to get into UW, although that might not work out.

I haven't been riding much, which sucks, because I am outta shape anyway, and I haven't had a bike for awhile due to specialized's bullshit and sending me the wrong parts.

My dad, as usual isn't very healthy...he's not doing so well. He gave me the ford focus when my isuzu quit on me, which was a nice thing to do, but I can't afford to drive it. Damn insurance rates on a new car. lol. I'll keep driving the crap-suzu for awhile. anyway, I need to start running again and get back in shape. I'm going out to a cross race on sunday...maybe I'll see some of the locs out there. Who knows. All I know is my dad is going in for another surgery in a few weeks, so i dunno what's going on w/ him right now.

anyways, just thought I'd give some peeps some updates...

oh yeah, also, I've been palying a lot of bike polo's a pretty common and cool sport in seattle. You drink, play polo, and have an all around good time. I brought some hard-a one time though, and my co-workers and some other ppl downed it...guess i learned my



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Thanks for posting, even if we'll never replace the old Oasians... :)
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Old School...

Wonder what the "qualifications" are for such a title. :) If I could ski, I'd probably be excited about ski season starting soon too. One of my old professors is an enthusiastic skier and enjoys that time of year.

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I'm Stoked!!!

Whistler opened yesterday!!!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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alcohol-infused bike polo...

sounds awesome (if not slightly hazardous)... i would love to watch you guys play!

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yeah, it is awesome...

and hazardous...especially playing in the rain under the interstate. I got the ball under my wheel and I went down, and my bars almost impaled my It's a cool sport though. Maybe I'll post a youtube video sometime.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman