Stop the Hate

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I have started a petition to garner support for a protest at Westboro Babtist Church. I have started organizing the protest for April 2008. They are the ones who hold up signs saying "God Hates Fages". I would appreciate it if you could pass this info on to your group members. Thanks So Much!

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Seems a waste of energy that could be better used elsewhere, no?

Not sure how doing that will "stop the hate" really. Sort of like having a bake sale to stop the war... two good ideas (cookies, no war), just no connection between the two.

Also, I think Westboro Baptist has made more people accepting of gays than the HRC ever will, if only because they are *so* out there they define what it means to be anti-gay in a way that makes people more sympathetic to gay rights in general.

Of course, years ago, I said Day of Silence is sort of an empty gesture, too. Not that I've changed my mind about it, but others have certainly found something there.

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I don't know...

I was at PRIDE FEST over the summer with one of my brothers, Justin.
We walked outside the gate, it was fun. But yeah. WE walked outside the gate for a little while to breathe non-over-populated-air, and two old men were standing outside with a really really really big banner saying"Homosexuality is a sin." I went up, and talked to him, abotu how he shouldn't be standing threr, they have a right to be homophobic, we have a right to be homosexual, bi sexual, whatever.

I swera, right then, I wanted to kill that old man, He can take all his followers, his shallow mindded people, and fly up into heaven, I'd ratehr burn.

But after that day, I decided tostand outside a church one day with a sign saying "Love thy neighbor, even if Thy neighor be gay."
And a sign saying "Homophoia is a bigger sin than murder."
I still have plans to do that, just silently stand outside a church with that sign for a whole sunday.


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Seems to be a disconnect. He has a sign OUTSIDE the pride area, and you say he shouldn't be standing there? Actually, that's exactly where he should be, usually outside the event. Inside would be a security hassle. Beyond that, free speech issue.

So, you agree that you have a right to be gay, and he has a right to be homophobic... sounds like you were both expressing your rights, no?

If you stand outside the church, just be sure you're on the sidewalk/street, and not trespassing. Of course, unless you are living in Westboro, KS, "church" is a bit vague for a protest, as many people there will probably support/agree with you.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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I think that it would be

I think that it would be funny to pin a sign under his red sign that says:

You should have the right to smoke wherever you want.

Because fag is British for ciggerette.... this would be really embarassing if im wrong. It would also really suck if he smacked you with the other sign while you were attempting it. Gay or straight it would kinda suck to have a pink triange on your forehead.

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Ha Ha

Ha you just made my day with that one
and yeah im pretty sure it mean s a cigarette too