teacher crushes!

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well, ive always thought that i was lesbian...ive never had crushes on the opposite sex...until now.
not only is he a male, not only is he over 25, hes my chemistry teacher!

hes sexy, handsome, knows how to make me smile and laugh and he is so intelligent...thats a real turn on for me.
his dark gray eyes are so mysterious and when i look into them (as discreetly as possible) i feel my insides turning into mush...

i remember a couple weeks after school started, i had to miss school to go to the hospital (normal procedure for me) and i missed a test. so, like i would norma.lly do is stay after school to take it.
i walk into the room after fourth block (last block of the day) and walk in...he's drinking apple cider from a gallon container! i just started busting out laughing and hten he started to laugh...i love his laugh and his face when he laughs too...hes so beautiful...
so i stay after school with him and i start to take hte test in teh front row, but i feel like i cant concentrate because he and i are the only ones in the room...
he continues eating while i take my test and he starts to put on some music...salsa to be exact. i just started to giggle again because...its just so random!
while im taking the test, he asks what kinda music od you like? and i just replied, well i like the beatles. so his eyes light up and he clicks two things on the comp and hes got the beatles playing.
now we are talking about music so much and life in general, cracking jokes and just laughing out loud like we were just buddies....
i hand in the test when im done...knowing that i messed up a couple problems, but mostly due to the fact that i was talking to him the whole time!!!! actually, my score was a 68% i felt horrible when i got the grade back but at the end of the first marking period (ended today) i have an a- yay!!!
anyways...somehow we got onto the topic of me playing the piano (ive been playing the piano for 11 years) and i asked him if he knows any instruments. he said no so i offered to teach him how to read music...and he said yes!
so i went home, found one of my composing (blank sheet/staff paper) books and started writing him lessons...
i made them witty and funny and also made them a little on the elementary side...
the day after i went back into school and handed it to him and he smiled, looked at the cover... "Mr.*&@!_#'s Little Book of Musical Instruction" and i wrote in small letters..."or evil...heh heh" and drew a devil.
he grinned and told me he'd hand back his assignment next class.
so the next day taht i stayed after school for help whne he was done helping me he started to ask me questions about music and stuff like that.
i grabbed a seat right next to him at his desk and showed him what he got right and wrong...after a while he still didnt understand time signatures...i thought it was so cute!! he did understand it though when i made comparisons with chemistry...
i guess ive been a little suggestive with him...and i think he can tell that ive got a crush on him.

its jsut that i feel so happy when im around him.
i think about him all the time and i know its not realistic but i just wish we could be together...even though i know it would never happen...:-(

what i dont understand is why i have such an obsesesion about him!!
do you guys think that my bipolar disorder might have something to do with it?

~wanting the forbidden fruit...

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hey : )

i totally understand what you're going thru.
a few years ago, i was in love with one of my teachers. what happened is kind of complicated... so i wrote about the experience in my journal. here's the link:

good luck with everything, hun : )

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thanks for reading my

thanks for reading my post!

wow...i didnt know college kids were forbidden from dating their professors...i thought it was just taboo.
im a hs student so it is different.
especially since there is a 12 yr age diff.

one thing that i love when i hang out with the teacher i have a crush on is that i feel like we are friends, not just teacher/student.
one day in class it was near the end of the block so everyone isjust hangin out and chatting.
i wanted to get his attention to ask a question so i called out 'mr.@$%^!!' and he answered, 'yes madam?' and i felt my cheeks flushed and he smiled one of those big smiles that made me melt inside...
then i blurted out that i forgot my question and he said that i could just ask wehn i remembered.

its just the little things taht he says to me that make me feel soooo good inside...
i see from your story that it is an emotional rollar coaster to have a crush on a teacher...but right now i dont care. i feel giddy when i see him in the hallway and so warm when i raise my hand in class and he smiles and says 'yes?'


i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

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Oof, that sounds icky and confusing... I can't offer you much advice, except what Ruby said in her journal--if you're crushing and you want to get over it, don't keep it all bottled up. Talk about it and make it a normal thing, and eventually it does go away. Good luck!

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hmm...maybe I can relate. I

hmm...maybe I can relate. I am taking a class right now with an AWESOME! Professor. He identifies as male (uses male pronouns, has a traditionally male name and has had chest surgery to remove his former breasts) and I'm a lesbian, never have had crushes on guys in all my 25 years. But this guy is just awesome! and cute! and super smart! and funny! and genuine! and excited about teaching! and all kinds of other stuff that makes me like him even more. BUT, I think it may just be an academic crush, like an idolization of an academic hero. perhaps. because I can't really picture doing anything sexual or even kissing him. I just really want to be his friend maybe. i don't know.

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cant say

cant relate, ive always thought that having crushes on teachers was so...gross(sorry) because there so much older, idk maybe its just me.

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Ermmm...I think it may be a

Ermmm...I think it may be a tad illegal, but who cares? after all, a hot guy will always be hot. And no one is 100% gay, or 100% straight, you know, so it's improbable, yet not impossible, that you like a guy.

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To give you hope, my cousin

To give you hope, my cousin is dating her old professor, now that she's done with the school.
So...If it lasts long enough, it might happen!
It's not too big of an age difference with them, though. You have a 9 years difference? That's a bit big. You never know, though. Love happens in funny places.

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crush on teacher

i have a crush on a reading teacher he is really cut his name is mr house and i like him and i dream about him every night taking care of me as a baby holding me in his arms feeding me a baby bottle of milk and put me in a crib in the nuresery room there is a changing table and crib and rocking chair and dresser and baby toys around the room and down stairs in the living room has a play pen and has baby food and baby bottle and a high chair and stroller and he put my baby blanket in with me and put my baby bottle of milk in with me and he kiss me goodnight and he turn off the lights and close the door and it was dark and he got in with me and put his arms around me and kiss me and tuck me in and put the baby blanket ove me and we both close our eyes and went to sleep and that night i was having a night mare and i woke up screaming and crying and he hard me and said wwhats the matter and i said i had a nightmare and he said what was it a bout its about me and you and you yell at me and i got in trouble and i set in time out and he said its just a night mare go back to sleep and so i did and

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He's really cut?

Sounds like he needs looser work pants.


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I'm sorry if that was serious, but that made me laugh really hard. And then, Jeff, your reaction made me laugh even harder. That was way to funny, but I needed that. LOL.

And yes, I realize this is a 2+ year old post :P

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so right

so true,odd and funny and unexpected.

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What is difference between

What is difference between love, lust, and crush?
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To be serious though...

I have a teacher crush at the moment. But I'm in a bit of a different situation because I'm in college and the teacher is a same sex crush and also she isn't that much older that me....I don't think so, anyways. Also, she isn't really my teacher, per say. She's more of a helper kind of thing.

Just let me gush for a moment because I need to.

I like her and it's very odd. I never thought I would like someone who's older and in a teacher-ish position. I never have before, but then again I didn't really know my sexuality until now. Okay, I think I may have had a slight crush on my 6th grade homeroom teacher helper. Oh, and on my 9th grade French class helper in High School, also. Both women, btw. I honestly didn't realize it until now, while thinking back, that I have had some crush-like scenarios in school. And what a theme. What does that even mean? Why have I had crushes on basically every teacher helper that I ever had? Is that weird?

Although, I'm not certain those were real crushes. I didn't seriously start to think I was gay until I was 17 and out of High School. So, maybe I just liked those women or admired them? Or else maybe I was gay and was having those feelings but didn't know how to recognize them as such. Because honestly I think what swung open the doors for me to recognize that I might be gay was my friend telling me that she used to be bisexual; then I preceded to look into myself and recognize that I had some of those attractions as well.

Sexuality in a whole is confusing....

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Teacher Crushes

I've had a bunch of teacher crushes and most of them faded but there were two (a cisman and ciswoman) a few years ago and both did not end well because they found out...

Teacher crushes are fun and harmless until they turn into something that society says shouldn't happen. You should definitely talk to someone about it though because it's really hard to keep it all bottled up.

Good luck!

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Watch out!

A crush is one thing...going beyond that is a totally different ball game!
For one thing you are what...16??? and he is 28ish???? As the saying goes...16 will get you twenty...years in jail that is. It is totally normal to have a crush on a teacher...lord knows I had many in the past. However its another thing to go beyond just a crush and to do any type of dating or social seeing each other out of the school realm. If you two were to get serious ONE time and do something "Stupid" then he could be caught, put in jail, end his career of teaching, etc. All for ten minuets of pleasure with each other. Its not worth it....you would be responsible for all that pain for him, for sending him to jail and such...sure you think no one will find out. No one will know....but....read the paper,,,watch the TV news... about teachers having trysts with students. See what happens to them... If you truly care about him in any way.. you will not let it go any further then it has so far. Keep it totally on the up and up, or have another student in the room with you at the same time to assure your self that you can keep control of your emotions and he does too.
I am not saying that this is happening....I am only warning you that this COULD happen. Don't let it go any further then you have so far. No don't break off seeing him for lessons on music...thats not what I mean. Just do not do any thing "stupid" and have sex ,or date, that sort of thing. Is he single? If not he has a woman in his life. If not then you have two more years then you CAN date him. You have to be 18 and out of the school to do that. Then by all means GO for it!!!
Good luck and remember...YOU said its a "CRUSH"!!!

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It was interesting reading

It was interesting reading this post because I've had about four or five major teacher crushes in my life, and all but one of those teachers were the opposite sex.

I'll echo oldfoxbob on this one though... the crush itself is innocent and harmless, but I wouldn't let it go any further.

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sorry, commented on the

sorry, commented on the wrong post, please ignore.

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Teacher Crush

I can relate :) I am major crushing on this teacher who If I'm being honest (isn't even that good looking) he's known as a minger (ugly) in our school, but when he smiles and his eyes light up, and he shows his true happiness I fall so madly in love with him, he is NOT my teacher, he has never taught me in my whole life, he is just another teacher who works in our school, I'm not revealing his name or occupation for his safety though, he is quite a shy man and I am quite a shy girl but I am rather mature for my age and very traditional, I know he is not married and he is single so I wouldn't be commiting adultery or anything like that, just when we're talking and we have complete eye contact I forget he is a teacher and he's quite a bit older than myself and we just share some kind of connection, he's helped me out multiple times, when I'm crying he is the first on the scene, he always smiles at me when I'm near by and his feet are always pointed in my direction, his tone is sweet and sincere whilst talking to me, and when I catch him off guard he will just stop and stare into my eyes whilst his face turns bright red, bless him. About the age difference, I am 16 going on 17 he is 34 and yes that may be 17 years difference but that's the exact same age difference as my mum and her boyfriend so why couldn't it work, I'd never do anything to put his job on the line however, I couldn't do that to him, I just want his happiness, however I am leaving this following tuesday and I want to stay in touch with him...he is just the sweetest guy ever, he runs for cancer research but he lets others push him around and insult him, he just shrugs it off but I can see the hurt in his eyes, I know he hates to be alone and that's why he comes over to speak to me often, he's been in my dreams multiple times and he never leaves my thoughts, what should I do? oh yeah and he knows I'm going to prom, he got so surprised and now he's going lol, so should I just forget about him? or should I take this somewhere seeing as I am leaving? thank you for your time everyone x :)