thanksgiving and the year 2007

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I finally felt energized to write something. Yay?

Life is good. It could be better, mind you, but we can't all have what we want. Looking back at everything that's happened to me in this past year, I'm glad to still be sane.

I had lots of ups and downs this year:
My sister became pregnant last year, and in June of this year, she lost her child.

A week later, I started working at my current job.

A month and a couple weeks later, I met John, and well, you know how that goes. :D

I came out to my mom. She still doesn't talk about it, and I don't want to force her to, not after all she's been through this year. As she puts it, God keeps tearing her heart in so many places.

About a month ago, my dad was jumped by a couple of teenagers while walking our dog. My dad had a few bruises. My dog got scared, ran off, got hit by a car, and died minutes later.

Weeks later, I found out that my aunt in Puerto Rico collapsed. She had a brain aneurysm. She's ok now though.

My job is not all that I really wanted it to be. I find myself more stressed and more prone to depression than usual.

So life kinda balanced itself out with the good parts and bad parts.

As thanksgiving approaches, I reflect on what I am thankful for now, given that this year has really made me realize what's important. I'm thankful to have someone that loves me, friends that support me, a job that pushes my buttons but pays me well, an education (albeit at a school I hate), a roof over my head, and a family that will love me no matter who I am (hopefully).

In other news, I get to let my entertaining side out this week, as I'm cooking for Thanksgiving, which is cool. I'm making mac and cheese with 3 cheeses. Rachael Ray, eat your heart out.

Until next time.


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Yyyeeeeesh! When one concentrates all the events of the year like that, it sounds pretty substantial!

And...mac and cheese? For thanksgiving? For thanksgiving dinner??? Mmm....most creative thanksgiving meal ever. Congratulations on deviating a bit. You rebel, you.

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Any thanksgiving dinner is

Any thanksgiving dinner is better than *shudder* turkey.
As a vegetarian, I am not inclined to enjoy holidays centered around meat.

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so sad to hear about your sister's miscarriage, and the tragic death of your dog : ( *may the baby and the doggy rest in peace*
nice to hear about all the positive things, tho : )
in terms of "Rachael Ray", there is only one part of her body that i would eat, and it isn't her heart... heheh... seriously tho, that bitch has the most annoying voice and laugh in the history of daytime television, she sounds like an old fat drunken sailor, i can't stand her, and i'm sure you are a much better cook than her... happy holidays! ; )

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Just don't let mom go too long with a kick-start. The religious ones seem to have a special propensity to forget they ever heard of it, rather than deal with it.


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We can always try and get

We can always try and get pregnant but that might not work to well... :) Just remember I will always be your Llama <33