The Hotel Me

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it had been two days
since i had met you,
since i had fallen
(stumbled, really)
into love.
you turned your head
and grinned as you opened
the hotel door,
to the new room
in the new town
in the new life
we were beginning.
when you flicked
the smudged light switch,
only one light bulb
in the ceiling fan came on.
it was hard to see clearly
as we jumped into bed.
the bent antennae
on the TV seemed to rock
back and forth with delight
when you pressed
the grimy channel button
again and again,
while we moaned in frustration
at the horrible reception,
and the static hissed
the screen flashing black and white.

our sleep was uneasy that night.
the air conditioning
blew frigid air on our naked bodies,
so awkwardly positioned
three feet apart.
when i awoke in the morning,
all the soap was gone,
and so were you.

i feel as used
as a hotel bed,
as helpless
as hotel towels,
as lonely as
a hotel bible.
like a hotel maid,
i will clean the dirty sheets,
and put back all the soap,
and wait for the next man
to sleep where i have cleaned,
where i know
i will clean again.


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thats so sad :(

THE flying turtle

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i like it... it's heart

i like it...

it's heart breaking....

but i like it...

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Wait a sec...

...aren't you the one who wrote The Gay Manifesto?

Based on both this and that...DANG, I wish I could write like you.

I'm gonna be digging through Oasis now to see if I can find some more....
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You can click the text under his entry that says "msquared's journal" and that will bring up everything he's ever written.


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Damn it, you're like the

Damn it, you're like the male version of a very good friend. Amazing poem, quite heart breaking.

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