The Year of Ice

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Has anyone read this book? I read it a few years ago but I believe the author is Brian Malloy or something(I'll look it up) But it is an amazing GLBT book for young adults. Its different. It doesnt have Rainbow, Velvet, or Vampire in the title and the cover doesnt even feature a shirtless hunk crying, kissing, or loathing.well it might have a loathing boy but i cant remember, i dont think so tho! The thing I love is that its like life, the book is not all about being gay, there are a million other sub plots.
Ok so shame on me, I researched books to rent from the library, and It was a very short selection that I wanted the librarians to see me check out (This book and Swimming in the Monsoon Sea) but the feelings in it are raw, true, and make sense. I emailed the author after I read it and he was a great guy...its a shame his next book was about a thirtysomething. But the book is a definite read for anyone who wants something out of the stereotype as far as gay literature goes.