two new poems

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hey guys. wow, it's been a while. my last post was in march. anyway, update: i'm in love with a girl and she's perfect. it's the same girl that i've been having issues with since seventh grade. you don't have to, but if you want to you can read some of my journal entries and you'll know which girl i'm talking about. but we've both matured some and we're starting to become good friends again. she knows, once again, that i am in love with someone, but she does not know that it is her (talk about deja vu). i really want to tell her, but i'm so scared. the only way i think i could tell her would be if i was moving far away and it would probably be the last time i would ever see her......which sucks. anyway, i've finished two more works (both of which i posted on myspace and she read (she's still clueless as far as i know)). so, erm, here they are:

smile for me:

smile for me

let me have the
knowledge i am
going to the ends
of the earth to find

fill my heart with
the warmth that
was overcome
with chilling misery

cease the teasing
mystery which has
my mind drenched
in a potion of
wonder and longing

tell me the sweet
whisper meant nothing
or meant everything
just tell me something
that will tear down
the invisible yet painfully
solid wall that divides
me and my sanity
we long to be together again
we were meant to be together

smile for me

let me have the
knowledge i am
going to the ends
of the earth to find

whether you love
me or not -

i need you


She was the one. The one I had always wanted but could never imagine. The beauty and light that radiated from her pierced and flooded my heart like the bright sun on a secluded lake.

Pray for the impossible, attempt the improbable.

Forever I have loved her, forever I shall. Never will the haunting images of her loveliness cease to stain my mind. When I was in her presence I felt as though the lost shards of my shattered heart could reassemble and I could be truly happy for a short time.

This beautiful pain can't save my name.

When I dream of her, my body becomes afraid to awaken, my eyes afraid to open. I don't want to leave this fake reality in which anything, no, the only thing I want can be mine and nothing else in the world has to matter.

Your eyes are those of hurricanes.

I love you so much. I never stopped. And day after day, you are so adorably oblivious that it drives me up the wall. Every time we talk, make eye contact, or you even say my name my breaths come quick and I feel like I have run three miles when I haven't taken two steps. I love you. And it kills me to think you will never know.