Will the Real Zoe Please Stand?

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Family time is always a wonderful and horrific time. But what do you do when the majority of your family doesn't know you are a lesbian (perhaps they have their suspicions and all...but...)

For me, this week with my family, it pretty much has involved leaving out a copy of "Surpassing the Love of Men" (great book for any lesbian literary geeks like me!) on the coffee table in the living room. I don't think anyone has noticed, though, so I figure that I'm pretty much done for.

My friend suggested this one: "Pass the gravy, I'm gay."

Which doesn't work for many reasons, mainly the reason that I don't eat gravy. It would be suspiciously joking.

My one cousin (I don't know her very well) asked if I have a boyfriend. I looked at her funny and didn't say anything. My other cousin, who knows about my sexuality, changed the subject abruptly. Thank you. My mom and I had a big fight about it ("Well it was your decision to be a lesbian, so you have to deal with it and stick by it.") Thank you mom. At least she apologized later on for "Not being sensitive to my needs." Still, doesn't take away the fact that she told me it was a decision. And what a great decision it was, right?

Aside from the part where I've kind of always known I liked girls and not boys (hilarity always ensues when you remember being nine and asking your parents how two girls have sex when they're trying to give you the sex talk), I don't really know much about myself. I'm only just getting emerged into the culture (anything that involved me being put in a "precarious situation" was ruled out by my mom while I was still in high school), and I'm discovering stuff. I like discoveries. I like college. And I like girls.

Hi, I'm Zoe. Step inside. Fun is always tagging along behind me. Thank the Goddess for my insanity.


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interesting, love your icon btw. well at least your mom understands, idk my friends always telling me that i dont no much about it and is should read up but idk, maybe thats good avise for u 2 2 learn about who u r and how to be urself.