broke up with C

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Title says it all.

I haven't been posting on here very much. At all. So you all are a little behind on my life. I quit the band. Had my last show last night. Story behind that, but later. My relationship with C has grown in a different direction, and tonight we became just friends.

I loved C. I still do. But lately, my love has grown in the direction of best friend love. I withdrew being so lovey and kissy. She always wanted to kiss and I didn't and I took it as a sign. I realized that I think of her as more of a friend than I do a romantic partner. I think she started to pick up on it as she'd ask me along the lines of if there was anything wrong etc. At the times I didnt' know what to say. But tonight I did.

I made the mistake of not doing it in person. I felt bad. And not just about that, but about the whole thing. I just felt bad that I basically had to tell her I don't want to be her girlfriend anymore. The thing that was the saddest was when she said "it's not you're fault you don't love me like I love you." Oh, I just started to cry. And she was crying and I felt terrible. C's like bambi and her crying is so sad. I wished her a hug.

But we're ok. We've always known we'll be best friends. We still love eachother. Just me in a different sense. But C's adorable.

I have more news, but not now. More to come!


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Tread carefully, this is a

Tread carefully, this is a really fragile situation. And actually falls under the realm of my (oh so limited) personal experience and the well observed experience of my friends.

But I'm glad you both seem to be dealing with it maturely. It's still sad though. Are you definately alright?

And what's the rest of your news?

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Yeah, I'm definetely ok.

Yeah, I'm definetely ok. It's so sad, but I'm yet to cry about it today. Probably because I've been sick at home most the day and haven't seen C. I have been pretty upset, but I feel better.

The rest of my news deals with a cute girl, and it's not yet time to happy about it.

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hopefully the rest of the

hopefully the rest of the news later...

and as lol-taire said, tread carefully....

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Oh, dear, I hope you both

Oh, dear, I hope you both are fine! At least you didn't went through a fight and everything.

Now, where are the rest of the news?

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