christmas party at church

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The band I've quit [but am playing this last show with] is playing at the drummer's church tonight. I'm going to have a snack and head over to his house, jam, pick shit up, and leave!

It was under the impression that the last show I played was supposed to be my last, but then I was invited to play this one, and since they aren't far off, a bassist would be hard to replace in short amount of time. So now I'm Cher, apparently. A farewell show 2384 times.

The Little Ones are quite good. Heard of them? They sing "Lovers who Uncover" which Crystal Castles covered. "Oh MJ" is fantastic as well. It reminds me of some kind of small romance. It makes me think of cute girls. Short haired girls. None in particular, just short haired, cute girls. And an evening sun with clouds. Cliche indie rock poetry. But this band is not really cliche.

My final show for good? [...With this band].Wish me luck.


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We considered going to see

We considered going to see The Little Ones last week (they were playing at that indie night I go to quite a lot), but we actually just went on to the pub instead. I can take or leave them. Crystal Castles on the other hand = amazing.

Anyway seeing as I can't be bothered to look up time differences chances are you'll have already played the show by the time you read this message- but have fun/ good luck.

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I know, aren't they? I saw

I know, aren't they? I saw Crystal Castles open for Metric. The girl is way cute. My gay guy-friend even thought she was hot. And she wa so wasted, haha. But awesome, it was a great performance. I love how 90% of their songs are awesome covers.

Haha, at the time you posted your comment, it was 2:19 am over here. That was about the time I got a charlie-horse and woke up. Ouch. And thank you! We ripped, it was our best show.