Chub/Bear Culture?

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Is anybody here into the bear and/or chub gay subculture? I've always liked bigger guys but most other gay guys I know think that I'm weird because of that.

I actually had to come out twice to my parents. Once for being gay, twice for revealing that I like chubby guys. Double whammy! My parents hate fat people...

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Personally, I'm not into chubby guys...

but I think some of them are quite cute! and i think it's really cute that they're called "bears" : ) i hope you find yourself a cute & cuddly, furry & fuzzy, teddy-bear guy!

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Not sure why your parents have any need to be concerned with who makes you happy.


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I'm all for cutsey-ness and hope every gay person finds a love that they're attracted to, I'm really not attracted to overweight guys!

I think that's a fun unique feature for you though! And realistically, it widens your range of more attractive gay partners!

I like being a bit more shallow though. Sometimes. Bring on the muscles! Not too many though. :)

Good work with coming out x2

You're Amazing.

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Well i'm not really into

Well i'm not really into guys but i can see the appeal of bears.. like they're name.. it just sounds so cute and cuddly...
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Yes, I felt so weird

Yes, I felt so weird thinking about asking this. Wow, come here to express myself and talk to people like me but feel weird for being different, that's kinda sad. Only problem is that I don't see any around my age near me and wouldn't know who to ask to find where they are XD

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This thread is 2 years old, probably better off starting a new one.

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I love chubby guys.

I love chubby guys.

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This is a youth support site, though, not a dating site, so you're probably in the wrong place.

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I'm attracted to chubby guys

I'm attracted to chubby guys and am slowly starting a relationship with one a little bit older than me, but I think bears are just repulsive!!! I hate how chubby guys get lumped in with them too, it like how gays are all expected to be the same just because they're gay!


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your assumptions are in the

your assumptions are in the wrong place.

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