Dog Brushes.

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So today i went to PetsSmart. See my puppy keeps getting matted. I brush him everyday but he doesn't like it and just gets re matted. I was talking to my music teacher one day and she was telling me about how her dog used to hate being brushed and got really matted and such then she changed brushes.
I have one like this-
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Now i have one like this.. It works soooo well. And like my dog doesn't seem to mind it at much. So if anyone of you have doggy's who get matted and hate being brushed or just hate being brushed try switching to a comb like this----- Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I'm actually really excited about the brush and being able to properaly brush my puppy and stuff and have him look nice.


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I have more than 7 shih tzus

I have more than 7 shih tzus at home, and i only use the comb, because the carder (what you first had.) just makes it worse, especially if you just brush your dog's outer hair.(is that what it's called?anyway, i hope you get what im talking about.haha). and btw, if the mat is already big, try cutting it off because it'll get worse and your dog's skin might have rashes, because the mat has a lot of dirt on it and it'll rub on your dog's skin. what's your dog btw?

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he's a shitzu-bichon(a mix).

he's a shitzu-bichon(a mix). originially the one groomer at petsmart said to use the first one but it doesn't workk, he hates it, i hate it. The comb works amazing. Luckily we've gotten all his mats in time before they are too big. Any tips on how to brush them when they don't want to be brushed?
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Those look like devices for TORTURE! You should just sell the dog and use the money to buy yourself a new brush! And it doesn't matter if you happen to have short hair.

Oh well, applause for wanting to have a nice looking puppy, haha; train it to sniff out potential lesbian loves for you before it gets too old to learn how! Post up pictures of lesbians/yourself and encourage it towards them somehow!

You're Amazing.