Dont call me crazy but this is the truth

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"your the only one who can make yourself think of bad memories, so just don't think about it and you'll be fine." everyday people are saying things like these as advice without even thinking what if they were in the situation. When you think about it you think, that does make sense but if only life was that simple. In life you just can't simply forget about something because it makes you sick to your stomach when you do. Yea you don't want to but it just pops in your mind during the occasional day. Bad memories are hard to live with but you got to understand that you just cant simply get them erased. Memories live with you forever, and sadly you don't have a choice which memory you want to keep. When sometimes you cant even sleep due to bad memories and even when you try your hardest to block it out by thinking about something else that doesn't necessarily work. In that case, you have to understand that there are going to be bad memories in life that you just want to erase but you cant and thats when you have to realize life does have good memories too. And to get good memories you have to hold on to life at the toughest times and live through it.


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You very true dont like,

You very true

dont like, what you dont understand.