due to phobia

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I don't think I've slept very well in the past few days. Last night almost felt like it, but it was a night at C's and space gets limited with two on a double bed. We watched Ghost Hunters last night [she gave me the DVD for Christmas!] and it was night so it stuck in a negative way. I woke up in the middle of the night and swore I saw what looked like a light reflection.

It was two seconds after my eyelids opened, I'm sure it was a trick on myself, but it was wierd. [No light relfection are possible, she shuts the blinds, the curtains, and the door before going to bed. Pitch dark.]

Everytime I woke up I thought she was listening to something on a tape recorder or on the phone, something. She never was. She turned on a light for me [I don't remember the request or agreement] and so the last three to four hours of sleep were with the lamp on. I kept thinking she was taping something like an EVP over there. It was very strange, she never was.

Tonight, it's sedatives all the way.

I'm hoping to jam with my guitarist from the band that I've actually decided to stay in. No more Cher shit. He plays drums quite well, and seems to understand the riffs I write. Very innovative guy when it comes to drums. I'm so anxious to get a side project going on my shit, seriously. The singer I want keeps flaking and not committing. I'm thinking I need to find someone new.

I've been writing a lot lately. Got a lot of good full songs under my belt. All it takes is a little organizing and some lyrics and I'll be set. Can't wait, honestly. I've been waiting years to have this shit come together. I hope it does.

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but it's winter break for me. I'm sure it is for a lot of you in school. No homework, either. A bit of art, if I choose, which I do. I have to start my concentration.

Whatever fake ghost was visiting me last night, it gave me a stuffy nose.

Hope everyone's Christmas was lovely!!