Gee, mom...

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Today I was shopping with my mom, and she said something about buying a present for a guy she worked with for his birthday, and I recognized the name she said, so I was like, "oh, is that the guy who worked at such & such place with you?" and she's like "yeah, you know........the gay guy." and I'm like, was that really necessary?

truth be told, I already knew he was gay, I just wanted to see what mom would say. from as far back as I can remember, she and this guy were good friends, in fact, he was the only gay friend she had. So my mom isn't as that homophobic as I thought? I guess she suddenly remembered that her son is a fag, so she wanted to say 'here, I don't have THAT much of a negative impression of your kind! I was friends with one of 'em!'

Ah, life.


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Eh... At least she's trying

Eh... At least she's trying right? Eventually she won't even bat an eyelash when the subject of you being gay is brought up. That's pretty funny, though.