got pride?

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i found this website that has lots of gay pride jewlery. I'm going to get a double venus dogtag. It'll be the first pride thing that i've ever owned so i'm excited. I was going to buy it using a american express gift certificate but it turned that the site didn't accept american express so a friend of mine who's gay who i had told about this decided to get it for me for chanuka using another credit card gift certificate. She's gonna have it shiped to her house and give it to me the next time we see eachother. This is really good because it means that my dad won't see me getting a package and wonder what's in it and when he finds out throw a fit. (I was planing on wearing it at school or camp or putting it on my keyring or something so that my dad wouldn't see. I know the whole hiding it from my dad thing kinda defeats the purpose of pride, but i'm only hiding it from one person.) Anyways, I'm really excited.

also, I got the last movement of the first sonata i've ever played up to speed in 5 days which is really fast for me; especialy considering how hard and how fast it goes (it's in six eight and goes at 116 to the dotted quarter and it's really note heavy). So yeah, i'm happy and had a great day: chinese food and a movie with jewish friends. merry christmas everyone! :)

this is the site i'm getting the double venus dogtag from, it has lots of cool stuff:


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I had this great silver

I had this great silver venus necklace, but it turned out it was really low-quality and all the silvery-ness rubbed off and now I don't wear it anymore 'cause it's sorta ugly. Oh well. Maybe I'll buy something from this site...

Oh, and Jewish Christmas ROCKS. =)

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ok, iknow this an old post,

ok, iknow this an old post, but damn, 6 8 is tough! i i conduct and play sax, and i can't keep up with that!