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So last night i was talking to a friend on msn and we go to talking and stuff and then she asked for my phone number and then she called me! It was tres exciting. At first i didn't wanna give her my number just cuz i get a lil freaked by the phone cuz at times it can be awkward and get a little uncomfy. But i gave it to her she called and it wasn't awkward at all. we talked about everything and it was AMAZING! And fun!
We hung up at like midnight ish and it took me forever to fall asleep.
The one dream i had was great.
There was this other chick, like a mixture of the girl i talked to on the phone and one of my good friends. So basically a sexxxxxiii beast!
We were down by the water front talking, walking. Then we sat down on this one weird swing, it's circular and flat, like a saucer and she was ontop of me and we were making out and then it led to certain other things. Then we drove to her place and we did it on her table.
It was a pretty good dream. There were a few other things involved before and after the sex......... which made it even better.
Argh i want her to be online right now... we were texting for awhile but i just wanna like talk to her on msn some more and argh.. it's weird. We're connected..


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aww I hope everything goes

aww I hope everything goes well with her!

ANd yey for sex dreams!!!

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sex dream are great but im

sex dream are great but im like teh worst reteller of them ever!!! I just kinda sum it up. That and ther are some youngish people in here and well it try to keep it pg13.
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they always rock, thats manly why people are so in love with romance novels ; ) yet i would say that pregnate dreams are sometimes better for some reason, idk there just fun.