Hey! This is great!

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Oh man, the realisation of getting backstabbed by a closetted but homophobic gay friend really feels amazing! Especially after I helped him so much!

Aha, aha. Life never ceases to amuse me. I'm listening to Hilary Duff.


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Oh god... I'm sorry,

Oh god... I'm sorry, sweetie! *hugs* He sounds like a bitch. What happened?

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Don't closeted people have to behave? I mean, you can easily make them uncloseted, no?


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Basically he just degrades homosexuals to my friends... he tries to put me down like that to my friends (I don't know why? Is he shameful?). But my friends know better, I think he just feels really insecure and doesn't want other people to be 'better' than him (I'm out, and I won't be cocky but people don't give me shit and people actually like me - but not in a 'popular' way but in a good-mutual-friendship way).

He also told others I tried to ask him out, like in a really matter of fact (and disgusted) I must like him kind of way.. which is really disturbing because it shows he's arrogant as I never actually asked him out (or would never like an asshole like him in the first place).

Yeah, he better behave. I was actually really angry when my friend told me this so I uh, did out him to the four people that were with me to explain myself.

What an insecure, two-faced bitch.

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Mace him!

That sucks :( Is he unattractive too? That would make it better for you, although I'd prefer more attractive gays in the world, myself! He sounds very narcissistic! You should completely confront him about this, or he'll just keep gossiping to high heck about you! Try some Lyndsay Lohan instead of Duff! I wait, for the postman, to bring me a letter... (Daughter to Father! Go youtube it!)

You're Amazing.