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I just burned myself making pasta. The water was feisty. It kept jumping out of the pot and on to me. Ouch. I'm okay though, no worries.

I was so close to coming out to my mom today and then I decided not to. I don't talk to her about my love life anyway. If/when I get a girlfriend...they'll know. Honestly? I have all this rainbow stuff, I constantly comment on good-looking women and I go on about marrying female celebrity crushes. HINTHINTHINT!!

In other news, I get to do a tap solo for my dance recital. *yay* I was supposed to do a duet but the other person doesn't have time. I'm thinking Broadway, soft-shoe and some wings. FUN! I wish I knew a guy who could tap dance well enough to do some partnering with me. *sigh* Perfectness.

Tomorrow is Friday! I have a field trip to sing Christmas carols at some plaza, the tree-lighting ceremony with Tri-M and the improv show back at school. Which I am not in because he made the stupid auditions on Wednesday at 4:30 when I teach. Grr. But I'm happy I get to see all my friend perform.

My friends are so talented. I'm so happy to be in their company and lucky to get to here them all the time...for free haha. Soon I think they will be off getting paid large amounts of money to do the same thing I hear them do in our living rooms. Amazing.

Any holidays coming up soon? Christmas? Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

6 more days of school until vacation!

P.S. I was supposed to go on a "Tech and Teva" (Technology and Ecology) trip to Israel for Jewish Educators. I teach beginner Hebrew to 8 and 9 year olds. They didn't say there was an age requirment. I filled out the application and got accepted.
I couldn't make it to the first meeting because of a SCHOOL engagement. Tuesday they call me and tell me I can't go because THEY didn't REALIZE how YOUNG I was. I was crying off and on the rest of the night. I so wanted to go to Israel on this trip, my mom was going and so was our very good friend.
I hate this.


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You're not out, but it's OK because you don't talk about your love life anyway? Wouldn't that be the REASON you don't talk about it? Seems a weird pointless cycle: you want to tell them, but it doesn't matter, but you wear stuff so everyone knows, so it's their fault they don't know...


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i love improv too, isn't

i love improv too, isn't having artistic friends amazing?

on coming out to your parents, it does make talking about your love life easier. idk how upset your parents are likely to be, but if you can get away with all the hinting you do i bet they won't take it too badly. besides, even if they haven't said anything they probably already know, they might not have said anything cause they just don't know how to handle it or bc it sounds like they don't usually get into your personal bussiness. i'm all for staying closeted if there is a point, ie a serious risk of ruiing your relationship with your parents a threat to you're personal safety, but by not coming out you're widening the gulf between you and them. which may seem convient or not worth the stress/risk/trouble of coming out , i mean parents can totally be a pain, but its good to have them on you're side in the long run.

hugs, luck, and peace

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