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Okay, I seriously need some help. So, I am a senior in high school and play the straight role. Some people tend to think I am gay sometimes but not all. I mean, I dont act it, I think. Well anyways, I met this guy in one of my classes. His name is DEE and he is a freshman. But I'd say he looks and acts much older. Seriously, I am not attracted so hispanic men but, he is gorgeous. DEE has been with his girlfriend since eighth grade and they have been going out for about 1 year and 2 months. At first I thought he was just a cool guy I would hang with but since Ive been to his house, he got extremely attractive. I dont know why I didnt notice it at first but whatever. So I called him because he wanted to go to six flags one day so he got my number, but he never called so I gave him my number. So I decided to call him one night and we were just talking about random stuff, not for very long though. All of the sudden, we brought up guitar hero and he was saying how he can play on expert and how he said he could beat me. Honestly, I didnt know how to play in that level either, but I knew medium. So I went to his house like at 11:30 at night and I didnt know but he had to sneak me in. I was suprised at first but whatever. once I was in we began to play. He didnt even know how to play easy. So we both laughed at how stupid we were.
As time flew by. Day by day, I got more and more attracted to him. So we would do straight stuff like just chill and go to parties and all that good stuff. I dont know how it began but we were at his house one night, (snuck in of course) we played this wresteling type game where we turned the lights off and wrestled. So the days came and just about IDK two days ago I was at his house again but this time we played Halo. I thought it was boring cause I hate video games. So, I told him I was bored and I put my hood over my head and layed my head on the couch. He paused the game and told me to look up, so I looked and he showed me his butt and started laughing. And I was like "Your Gay" and we just laughed. So he put the movie shrek on and we watched it for a while and we would just sit there. After a while, he asked me if I wanted to chill in his room and I was like, "Yeah, this is boring", So, we started playing a wrestling game but I turned it into a tickling game. and I told him not to aim my neck cause that is my worst spot, but he did any way. So when we played these games, I had a boner cause I just liked feeling him on me. I think he felt it sometimes and maybe ignored it or didnt notice it, I dont know. So, I tried biting him cause he said he would if I didnt stop ticking him so I just went for it and bit him, but as I bit him soft, he bit me too, but hard. he left me a big bruse on my right wrist. It was all funny and stuff. I noticed that when we were wrestling, we had like a face to face moment were we almost made out but it was only one second and I dont know if he felt it like I did.
But I just cannot tell whether he is gay or not. I mean, he is a freshman after all, he might not recognize what he is doing is gay, or if he just doesnt care. I want to ask him but I dont want to feel stupid cause I have never acted this way with another guy. We have seen straight porn, and he told me he is uncircumsized. And that he cant count how many time he has had sex with his girlfriend. And he told me how long he is when we were passing notes in class and I told him my size as I made staight. It wasnt like a serious gay talk. But if he is gay I think that he might not be attracted to me, He is athletic soccer player and Im the chunky boring person who parties all the time. He is such a good guy at heart, anyone who is with him is blessed. I told him I was moving out of town in january to a city about 2 hours away and he said it was gonna be gay if I moved because he has not had a close guy friend like me since he has been with his girlfriend because she has him on a short leash. By the way, his girlfriend hates me cause I always chill with him. But Im over it. So, what should I do? I dont want to ask him cause I dont want to ruin the relationship we have. I love him too much to do that. Im scared, but I hope we turn out to be more than friends, FAST!


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He seems

Like he's questioning.....
I mean, if he's had a girl friend for a year and 2 months, then starts getting semi-sexual with you....

He might be Bi-sexual, or gay.
Good luck.


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Not sure of your memories of being a freshman, but they aren't *that* clueless... :-)

My rule is always not to find out if someone else is gay, but to tell them you are. Since, well, you *know* that to be true, and gives them the opportunity to tell you if they are, or at least know that when they're ready, you'll be cool with it.

If you tell him and he's not ready, it could end the boner/tickle parties, but it's still the right move, since you also don't want to keep them going if you are dealing with someone that clueless and you're abusing the situation.


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