How Life Rolls...

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Ok so has anyone ever taken the time, when there is some, to just think? I get like that a lot, and I must confess that sometimes it’s about the most complete unnecessary things. But that’s besides the point right now. What I’m simply trying to ask is if in that down time, when you’re supposedly thinking about it all, do you ever think that life is one big pattern?

Don’t automatically say no either. Think about it, there are different types of patterns. There are the huge patterns, like how we’ve basically annihilated entire races before, then there are the little patterns like how, in may case, I constantly switch things around. For example its supper time but I mention going to lunch.

Then, the more interesting kind, I believe there are relational patterns. For example I might fall for a guy I know and then later, after getting to know him well, come to understand that it’s either not right to be in love with this person or that they are just a friend in the grand scheme of things. That’s happened to me twice with two friends of mine.

So do you think life is a big pattern, maybe a predestined type of thing?
Let’s broaden things up a little beyond just that. I’d still appreciate it if you answer my first question, but the title is “How Life Rolls…” so maybe you could share your own philosophy as to how life really rolls?

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