i do like girls, and i want a blog

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Today someone asked me if I was in to girls. I was talking to a friend about the aqcuaintance many of my friends have with the young cute girl's brother, when one of my friends asks "who's the 13 year old?" Friend one said "the one who's down for her. She's a cute 13 year old." Friend two then asks "Are you in to girls?" I turned bright red, responded yes. Friend three mentioned how flushed I got. I do get thrown off guard when asked the question.

I think I'd like a blog. Hold my camera to my side more often. Take it to school or something. Put little of what I write on there. Update on music. But first, I have to do more of this. All of it. I never find time, but maybe I should. Start new habits. Shit, I can't even keep a journal consistent. Of course, it's lost at the moment.

I'm still a little feeling conflicted, but a comment left on my last journal made me realize that my potential interest for the girl that I wish was older doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have strong interest for C. I think I need to take it more in to consideration.

She was sick today. Normally when she's sick and stays home from school, I take her a treat after school and visit for a bit. Today, I didn't. I went to the bank and christmas shopped for her instead. Only found half of what I needed. Saving the rest of my shopping for when she can go with me. For our mom's and such.

Christmas is a-light in our house.