I Hate Math

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One of my dreams, since I was nine, is to go to the University of Michigan. With their super amazing program....
That I honestly don't think I am smart enough to get into. I have fairly decent grades; I'm really good at Spanish, Band, Choir, and I'm okay in Science, and I've taken the advanced English course for my grade all three years that I've been in high school. I've done reasonably well in all three of those. My GPA at the end of my sophomore year was a 3.9, even though I ended up with a C+ in math.
Which brings me to my point: I hate math. I have been hating it since 3rd grade. I simply do not understand it and do not see its relevance. I figure if I know how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply, I will be okay. I am currently taking FST, that is, Functions, Statisitics, and Trigonometry. It is possibly the most tedious, horrible class I have ever taken. It makes positively no sense to me and it's really hard. I've got a C+ in the class right now, which I think is actually pretty good. I usually don't apply myself in math but because I want to go to U of M, I am this time. Also, my parents won't get off my ass about my FST grade. I'm just really scared, because this is the year that colleges look at, and U of M is really hard to get into... I want to go to the school of music. But what if I'm not even smart enough to go to the school of LS and A? What if my math grade completely brings me down? And my ACT scores? (I am not good at standardized testing.) I'm so frustrated. I have trouble applying myself and if I don't understand something, I don't want to do it. And I definitely don't want to do this.


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I hate math too.

I hate math too.

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I love math. Sure, the

I love math. Sure, the specific problems and equations might not be relevant, ever, but that's not what math is about. It's problem solving. It's fitting things together, and, if nothing else, practice streatching your brain in a different direction. All of which are skills that will definately come in handy in real life.

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I wish I could help you out

I wish I could help you out with FST, but I'm only in Algebra 2 right now, so can't help you out too much. Best thing to do is chill out and tell yourself that everything is okay. You should try to apply yourself as hard as possible. I find that when I'm trying to understand matrices or whatever and I have friends in the class that I can't learn for shit.

So you're trying to apply to a school for music?

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Um. If you're applying to a

Um. If you're applying to a school for music, what does math have to do with anything? I hate math too...and I want to drop it once I get into grade 12, but supposedly every university DOES look at that...>< what a horrible and completely senseless trap.

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I despise math--I only ever

I despise math--I only ever took up to precalc-- and right now I'm at Cornell university.

My advice? You're awesome. I don't know you, but i'm sure there's something wonderfully interesting about you. It's your job to find that quality and sell it to the dean of admissions. (or, more accurately, his/her drones who read the essays and review aps.) Yeah, maybe you don't shine on acts or math-- but you shine somewhere. If you make sure that comes through in a terrific essay, you'll be fine. They really do look beyond simple raw numbers.

And, on the off chance you don't get in.... don't stress. Last December, I had no desire to be at Cornell. I was sure I didn't belong here... hell, I felt that way up through my first week here. But now I'm incredibly happy, and can't imagine being somewhere else. For the most part, college students are happy where they are. And if you aren't, you can transfer.

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I don't think a lot of advanced programs really delve into your Spanish, band, and choir grades. Get a math tutor.


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If you want to know anything

If you want to know anything about U of M, ask me. Seriously, I can answer all of your questions. I have a friend who's in their musical theater program right now, a freshman there, and she was awarded a full ride scholarship and all that shit. Plus, I mean... yeah. It's in my backyard, I grew up on campus.

Don't worry about it. I really don't think that U of M is that hard to get into. For most of the kids I know who are applying or have applied to there, it was their safety school (it's mine, definitely). The School of Music is pretty selective, but... seriously, LSA is hard to not get into. Unless your GPA is less than 1 and you write shit essays. But I'm sure that's not the case with you. :D

As for math, I love it! So if you need help, ever, don't hesitate to ask me. I'm actually tutoring my girlfriend currently, so it's no problem to help another person out.

Good luck!