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I want to make a proposal to Jeff. I propose that he organize an Oasis convention, or meet up of sorts, to be held in Oasis' hometown, good ol' SF. Now I realize that many of the members are too young to drive or travel on their own and it's far away from a lot of the members. However, to remedy this I propose a teleconference of sorts, have a live feed streaming on the site so that all members can log on and enjoy. I know Adrian is capable of hooking that up with is technical genius abilities. Or perhaps there could be multiple conventions all held at the same time in different places that are more convenient for all members.
This would be a good way for friends to get together and a good way to make new friends as well. Of course lots of planning and lots of organizing will have to be done beforehand so it's definitely a convention of the future rather than the immediate.
What does everyone think?

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Best chance...

Best bet along these lines is to find some national gay youth conference (not sure if GLSEN or somesuch do anything like this, all the ones I know are California and/or Bay Area specific), and then we could just have an Oasis day before their stuff would kick in, etc.

Along these lines, in a much smaller version, my goal is to make my eventual book tour into an Oasis thing, if it seems feasible. Either have an Oasis dinner/get-together before readings in different cities, or have a designated all-ages venue for an after-party, etc. Not sure how elaborate the tour would be, though, publisher sort of decides that.


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This would be cool. Shit. I

This would be cool.

Shit. I feel bad that I wouldn't be able to be there.

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How many...

People would actually be able to go to it? And how many users would watch the feeds. I wouldn't be able to go, I know that. As for watching other people have fun? bleh.

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Oh, that'd be fun... and

Oh, that'd be fun... and even funner to convince mom to let me go.

"Yeah, they're a bunch of gay people from online. No, they're not child molesters, they're gay. No, not all gay people are child molesters! Yes, I can trust them. No, you can't come. Why? Because you're NOT GAY. Then why am I going? 'Cause I am gay, I thought we've been through this before."

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You raise a good point.

A lot of guys wouldn't be allowed to meet up with guys they met online. In fact, I'm not even supposed to be talking with any of you, if my mom knew I was chatting online, she would murder me fairly slowly.

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i dont think

my parents would be a little iffy on letting me go. and i cant say i'm not going to hook up with any one cause i have a crush on a guy who wouldn't be going, cause then i would have to tell them about him and how when i turn 18 were going to be doing what they think i would end up doing at the convention XD but it but once i turn 18 i'd love to go XD cause then they couldnt stop me really XD

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it would be a bit hard to

it would be a bit hard to go, but I bet there are enough people on here who could go that it would be worth it.

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That would be awsome. I

That would be awsome. I could ride a bus to the San Fran because i live nearby and just tell my parents me and my friends were going shopping