logic (my life part three)

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NOOO! I'M GAY!!!! That's what I thought when it finally became clear. somewhere, deep inside my conciousness, I discovered that I was fantasizing about a friend of mine. HIS name was Isaac. I was so freaked out. I didn't believe it for a long time. until I went to another friends house. that other friend was a strange one. when I got there he said "come on, you've gotta see this!" and it turned out he was on a porn site!!! I sheilded my eyes, very embarassed, but when I peeked through, I saw one boy in all of it. A boy was stripping and I know it's awful to see that kind of thing but it really turned me on. another thing popped up (so many popups) and it was two guys making out. I really felt disgusted. and I really liked it. It finally just popped into my brain "get over it. This is not something you'll be able to change. but still, gays are human. so get over it and be yourself."

to be continued...
(although many of these things will be more recent, I may write what I went through in the past some, but it wil be more about my newer experiances.)


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my friend was not gay, and it was my logic side of my brain that spoke (hence the name)
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